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Developement: Reproduction of the classic Neve Trim knob DA84

18.07.2014 12:42

On Neve vintage 8014 consoles an custom racked EZ1084, EZ1074 modules you can often find this nice small classic knob with the same shape of the neve concentric knobs. Since these knobs are not longer produced and very hard to find, we re-developed this vintage knob for the DIY community and those great projects like "TheDonClassics - NV73" mic preamp or reproductions of vintage EZ1074 and EZ1084 modules. This knob fits to our british classic knob line. Measures, shape and look of this trim knob with the name "DA84" are the same like the original vintage neve trim knob. Don-Audio DA84 trim knob is a quality made metal knob with one set screw and 1/4" shaft and engraved indicator path for optional fill-out with white color - This knob is available as standard/natural version without color fillout or with white color lining service.

20% discount Pre-Order for the standard/natural version starts for only 4,9€ incl. 19% VAT (3,97€ without VAT).

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Neve trim knob reproduction - DA84 Neve 8014 trim knob reproduction don-audio

Author: Don

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