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V-Case Pro Enclosure

05.02.2015 11:01

The NRG V-Case Pro is a flagship in the 19" enclosure marked. It provides a lot of mounting and stabilisation options for ambitious home/ DIY people or professional industry series production. 500/51X, 19", as 4U,5U,6U+ Server case and Desktop compatible.

3U Rack Case Detail Ground connector3U Case Detail



  • Vented side-plates for optimal cooling
  • Mounting-slots on the side-plates
  • Very fast and easy assembling
  • A special chamfer-less design provides very wide inside dimensions with a width of 435mm 
  • Two Integrated Double-Ground Case Grounding-Connectors. One Double-Ground connector each side-panel.
  • Optional Mounting Rail System to mount PCBs easily inside the case
  • Front- and rear-panel can be demounted easily
  • Stackable Side-Panels make you able to achieve any case height your project requires.
  • Black industrial powder coating, bondet at 220° temperature for highest scratch and hit resistance.
  • Handles can be mounted directly on the 1U and 3U case (for example Schroff Handles fit perfectly)
  • A lot of options to fix and stabilize top and bottom plate
  • Aluminum top and bottom plate, so you can CNC your Logo onto the Top and Bottom Plate for example.
  • Install the Mounting Rails on different height positions to create a second installation layer for PCBs, Potentiometers, Switches, etc.
  • Press-Fitted M3 Threads on top/bottom cover and M4 Threds for front/rear panel
  • M3 Countersinks at Top/Bottom Cover
  • For Hi-Fi or Desk-Use simply install a Frontpanel without 19" ears. 
  • Customizable Backpanel for Female Neutrik NC3FAV and Male NC3MAV Gold XLR Jacks
  • Matching IEC connectors: IEC with switch,  IEC without switch

Inside depth: 300mm
Maximum inside width: 435mm
Case-Height: 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U or more (Stackable design)
Color: Black industrial powdercoating 220°

The extremely versatile and solid aluminum enclosure V-Case Pro is one of the most versatile quality cases in the market yet. An outstanding build quality and many features such as integrated grounding connectors, optimal side ventilation, stackable design ( stackable Enclosure system makes it possible to build 4RU,5RU,6RU or as much Rack units as you need), a variety of accessories, great interior, Schroff-Handle compatible, full aluminum casing that can be customized with your company logo and much more.

Assemble the case easily with professional M3 and M4 screws that are included.

1U aluminum case

1U 19" aluminum body V - Case Pro with mono back-panel. For additional stabilization or fixing of PCBs you can use any required number of optional mounting rails, 90 degree metal-angles or 40mm spacers. If you like to realize an extreme robust construction, this can be provided with a centrally positioned mounting rail and a spacer bolt in-between the mounting rails to handle a capacity of more than 60kg on the housing cover!

2RU Enclosure

2U 19" rack V-Case Pro .

On the next screen you can see two mounting rails at the front of a 3U enclosure V-Case Pro.

3U 19" Aluminum enclosure black3U 19" rack V-Case Pro . This V-Case Pro configuration is realized with two front-mounting rails two 90° angle on the back panel for additional stability of the top and bottom plate . The mounting rail can be rotated 90 degree, so it allows the perforated slot side for fixing mounting hardware such as circuit boards , more create several levels, inhouse constructions, trafo isolation rooms inside the case and more. The creativity has no limits. The rails are fixed on the side of the side panels, can be mounted anywhere through the side panel slots. The other side of the mounting rails has small holes or pre-threaded holes which are compatible to any 500 or 51X modules that makes this case to the perfect 500/51X rack mount case.

V-Case mounting rail

v-case enclosure 19"v-case enclosure 19" detail

v-case 3U enclosure vented

Solid Side-Panel vents are also used to attach optinal mounting rails, boards or transformers. M3 screw compatible.

v-case 3U enclosure vented

With optional mounting rails the V-Case Pro enclosure can make possible the stability that is required for your project. Create your own design with the V-Case regardless of 19" over 500 to table enclosures, cnc customized rear- and front-panels and also top and bottom plate can be fabricated individually for your project with company logo, notes , etc.


500/51X housing
19-inch casing
Desktop case
Tube amp chassis
4RU + Case applications like Computer Server Case

... V-Case is a quality choice for almost all professional applications.

V-Case 500/51X Enclosure

API500 51X Rack Kit

Hier zu sehen Rack-Ohren im 3HE 500er design. Durch die Befestigungs-Schienen, können beliebig viele und unterschiedliche Blenden montiert und Module im API500 Format eingesetzt werden. Leer-Blenden sind ebenfalls als Zubehör bei uns erhältlich.

API500 51X Rack Kit Case

API500 51X Rack Kit Case

V-Case Mini Series

PSU Alu CasePower Supply Aluminum Case

The V-Case Mini Series is the ideal case for power supplies or enclosures for high-end applications with advanced stability and completely customizable.



V-Case Pro Mounting Rail:

V-Case Pro Gehäuse 19 Zoll Belüftet

19inch Rack ears 3U Blank Panels 3HE

V-Case Pro Gehäuse 19 Zoll BelüftetV-Case Pro Gehäuse 19 Zoll Belüftet

Trafo-Mounting base optimal weight arrangement - mounting on the side-panel.

V-Case Pro Gehäuse 19 Zoll BelüftetV-Case Pro Gehäuse 19 Zoll Belüftet

V-Case Pro Gehäuse 19 Zoll BelüftetV-Case Pro Gehäuse 19 Zoll Belüftet



For the following Frontpanel templates and the helpful overview files you need to download the free Software Frontpanel-Designer. Download here.


V-Case 19" Frontpanel Templates

fpd files

1U V-Case Frontpanel

fpd files

2U V-Case Frontpanel

fpd files

3U V-Case Frontpanel


V-Case 19" Frontpanel Templates with advanced stability 90° brackets

fpd files

1U V-Case Frontpanel
advanced stability 90° Bracket

fpd files

2U V-Case Frontpanel advanced stability 90° Bracket

fpd files

3U V-Case Frontpanel advanced 90° stability 90° Bracket


V-Case 19" Frontpanel Templates with advanced stability pad

fpd files

1U V-Case Frontpanel
advanced stability pad

fpd files

2U V-Case Frontpanel advanced stability pad

fpd files

3U V-Case Frontpanel advanced stability pad


V-Case Pro Enclosure Overview

fpd files

1U V-Case Overview

fpd files

2U V-Case Overview

fpd files

3U V-Case Overview


V-Case Mini PSU

fpd files

1U V-Case Mini




Configure your own case: V-Case Pro 19 Zoll Gehäuse

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