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RM8 Inductor PCB Surfboard

01.10.2014 10:48

Small and smart - The Surfboard for RM8 inductors. Mount your inductors easily with this PCB on two spacers or use 90° pins and stick it directly into an eight pin bulb. This allows a wireless connection with a maximal optimized audio path.

  • Hard-Golden connection pads
  • Allows wireless installation of RM8 Inductors with pins
  • Optimized grounding
  • Maximal short signal paths
  • For RM8 Inductors
  • Made in Germany



  • Use this pcb as base module for RM8 Inductors for your projects
  • Wireless connection with 90° pins
  • Passive Equalizers
  • High-End Audio filters with RM8 Inductors

RM8 Inductor board surfboard pcb

RM8 Inductor Board Don-Audio Surfboard PCB

rm8 inductor board pcb pins



Author: Don

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