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Audio Components Procurement and Distribution

Our core area is the procurement and distribution of audio components on an international scale. We provide you with access to a wide range of high-quality products. We collaborate with leading manufacturers to offer you top-notch speaker components, parts for amplifiers and other projects, cables, and other audio accessories at competitive prices. Our team assists you in selecting the right components for your specific projects and applications, whether for professional studio environments, home theater systems, or individual audio projects. With our extensive range and expertise, we ensure that you always receive the best audio components for your needs.

Cable Assembly

Our cable assembly service offers tailored solutions for your specific requirements. Whether for industrial use, consumer electronics, or demanding audio applications, we manufacture high-quality cables and wires according to your specifications. From selecting the appropriate cable types to precise length adjustments and secure connection technology, we ensure that you always receive the best possible connection. Our skilled staff guarantees the highest precision and quality, making your cable assembly durable and reliable.

Room Acoustics

Optimal room acoustics are crucial for an enjoyable sound experience, whether in conference rooms, recording studios, or home theaters. Our room acoustics service includes analyzing and optimizing your spaces to minimize disruptive reverberation times and ensure clear, balanced sound reproduction. We offer customized acoustic solutions that are aesthetically pleasing and functional. Our team of acoustics experts designs and installs individually tailored acoustic systems that are perfectly aligned with your needs. 

Check out our guide for instructions on optimizing room acoustics.

Acoustic Panels Cutting

Our acoustic panels cutting service provides precisely cut acoustic panels for various applications. Whether you need acoustic panels for walls, ceilings, or special installations, we cut the panels exactly to your specifications. Our modern cutting techniques guarantee clean edges and high dimensional accuracy. This way, you receive perfectly fitting acoustic panels that seamlessly integrate into your room design while improving the acoustic properties of your space.

Custom Coils

Our custom coils service offers individually crafted coils that are tailored to your technical requirements. We manufacture coils in various sizes and specifications for applications in electronics, electrical engineering, and other fields. Whether for transformers, sensors, or other electrical devices, we use high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure our coils meet the highest performance standards. Rely on our expertise for bespoke solutions.

Tube Matching

Our tube matching service is specifically for audio enthusiasts and professionals who value perfect sound quality. We test and pair tubes to ensure optimal performance and harmony in your tube amplifier. Through careful matching, we ensure that the tubes have consistent electrical properties, providing excellent sound balance. Our precise testing methods and expertise guarantee that you receive only the best tubes for your audio applications.

Milling and Engraving Service

Our milling and engraving service offers precise machining of materials such as wood, plastic, and metal. Using state-of-the-art CNC milling machines and engraving techniques, we create complex shapes and designs according to your individual specifications. Whether for industrial applications, prototyping, or creative projects, our services include milling components, engraving signs and inscriptions, and producing individual pieces and small series. We place great emphasis on accuracy and quality to meet your exact requirements. We accept DXF and SVG files. For engraving text works we need an outline and we fill out the inner space of both outlines. You can also use our simple Webeditor for Frontpanel design.

* All prices are final prices in EUR including the valid value added tax/VAT.