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Classi MEQ Passiver Equalizer PCB - Konfigurator

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PEQ OPA Gainstage Kit
PEQ OPA Gainstage Kit
MEQ Inductor Set*
MEQ Inductor Set
MEQ Filter Caps Kit
MEQ Filter Caps Kit

* Pflichtfelder

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The Classi MEQ Filter PCB is a brandnew enhanced quality Filter version to build up a classic passive midrange tube or OPA powered equalizer. It supports sweet sounding RM or EF inductors. This MEQ filter PCB works well together with the Classi PEQ OPA based Gainstage or a G-Pultec tube based power supply with Lundahl in- and output transformers as well. It supports all EQP-1A Frequencies and Frequencies of the classic MEQ mid-range equalizer. The design is made to go with the finest cap selection of Styroflex and WIMA-MKS4 caps for the filter signal path with individual leg space lengths 5mm to 10mm is supported. This PCB will take your project to the next level. It is an over a long time improved design with love in detail.

Check our Full Gain Stage Kit with all necessary building parts and the high recommended Lundahl LL5402 input and output stage "Iron".


  • Optimized grounding 
  • Easy wiring
  • Reproduction of the classic EQ frequencies plus a wide band of enhanced frequencies that can be used as well.
  • Narrow to wide bandwidth control
  • Linear Frequency-Spectrum
  • Easy to build
  • Multiple Channels fit in 1HE enclosure with Classi OPA Gainstage.
  • Supports Styroflex and WIMA-MKS4 Caps
  • Supported Caps spacings: 5mm 7,5mm and 10mm
  • Optional Iron Transformer Output, Lundahl or Edcor
  • 2 Layer quality design
  • Audiophile signal path design

Check our Full Gain Stage Kit with all necessary building parts:
PEQ Gainstage


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