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09.07.2016 10:52 | 0 Comments
The XS1100 Audio Output transformer uses the finest M6 line grain oriented steel cores and is used in a number of professional audio...
07.12.2015 22:43 | 0 Comments
Blore Edwards offers a great range of quality switches and potentiometers. Beside the classic product range we offer together with Blore Edwards...
20.08.2015 13:27 | 0 Comments
We celebrate 6 Years Lundahl Transformer cooperation and are proud to have a big and growing product range of more than 500 Lundahl transformers...
06.07.2015 16:03 | 0 Comments
Elma Type 04 switches are together with the 01 series swicthes the most used switches in the professional audio industry. The steel-shaft,...
21.05.2015 12:19 | 0 Comments
Now we offer a STA Level Gates Compressor 19" Frontpanel & Rack Kit with classic gray powder coating color and very nice detail work. V-Case...
27.04.2015 23:15 | 2 Comments
Because of some requests i made this wiring chart how to wire two sidechain boards with turbo mode for you GSSL DIY mates. Each sidechain...
02.04.2015 13:53 | 0 Comments
Don-Audio on Facebook     For all others, we have a Easter Discount of 10% to all Solder, only for two...
09.02.2015 22:30 | 0 Comments
500/51X PSU Project Imagine to have a very easy to DIY Connector-PCB that is compatible to 500 Series and 51X modules with an inbuild or easy...
05.02.2015 11:01 | 0 Comments
The NRG V-Case Pro is a flagship in the 19" enclosure marked. It provides a lot of mounting and stabilisation options for ambitious home/...
30.01.2015 20:00 | 0 Comments
One of the finest Lundahl Transformer Models in Stock now: - LL1572 Isolation Transformer - LL2913 Microphone Transformer - LL1674 Mic/...
22.01.2015 14:51 | 0 Comments
The Elma Typ 01 concentric potentiometer switch is one of our new custom made switch solutions which fits perfectly into API 500 type modules or...
10.12.2014 16:19 | 1 Comment
A simple and effective passive Switching-Box is assembled quickly with the high quality Elma type 04 switches that are popular in the professional...
15.11.2014 21:48 | 0 Comments
In many quality Audio-Circuits you can find audio transformers. The use of an audio transformer for example a Edcor 10K/10K transformer in a...
09.10.2014 11:30 | 0 Comments

New high-quality audio toroidal trafos, made in Germany, available now!...

new quality audio toroidal transformer models

07.10.2014 12:09 | 0 Comments

New Inductor models - Equivalent to Neve inductors available now...
T1295 Inductor replacement NV1095

01.10.2014 10:48 | 0 Comments

Small and smart - The surfboard for RM8 inductors....

RM8 Inductor board surfboard pcb

19.09.2014 22:57 | 0 Comments
We a proud to present a brand new quality bakelite knob collection "Fester" which is available in four sizes. Design something...
07.08.2014 12:47 | 0 Comments
Elma developed a "Ne Plus Ultra" audio switch on the basis of the high-end A47 switch for those audiophile applications that require...
01.08.2014 12:47 | 0 Comments
The small but fine selection Elma switch type 01 is a special class because it offers in addition to its compact size, extremely good...
03.07.2014 21:46 | 0 Comments
The Lundahl Transformer LL1592 is a very high-end audio transformer which can be used for professional studio phase splitting, as line input...
23.05.2014 13:41 | 0 Comments
Find out how Elma Concentric Solutions improve your products. Rotary attenuator switches for audiophile purpose - Imagine, If you like...
06.05.2014 17:27 | 0 Comments

Check out our Knob-Configurator ;-)

24.04.2014 16:38 | 0 Comments
22.04.2014 21:38 | 0 Comments

Elma devloped a brandnew attenuator A47 switch for high-end audio purpose in two different versions THT and SMT version with thin-film resistors.

elma a47 attenuator rotary switch

23.03.2014 10:11 | 1 Comment
DA-EF Inductor mounted on the G-Pultec Filter PCB with the DA-EF Inductor board :   Put the DA-EF inductor...
15.03.2014 13:50 | 0 Comments

To give short impression of the Musikmesse Frankfurt. A lot of great studio gear and knobs in Hall 5.1.

06.03.2014 11:55 | 2 Comments

Edcor DAP200-240 for the "Mini Block Push-Pull EL84 (6BQ5) Valve Amplifier" designed by Bruce Heran in stock now!

Edcor DAP200-240

25.02.2014 18:22 | 0 Comments

19" 2RU Rack Case, vented Top and prefabricated cut-outs for 2x XLR and 1x IEC connector. Recommended case for G-Pultec DIY Audio projects...

G-Pultec Case 19Inch 2RU

21.01.2014 17:27 | 0 Comments

The Lundahl ribbon mic transformer LL2912 is a flying lead transformer and best suited for highend Audio ribbon microphones or modifications...

lundahl ll2912 ribbon mic transformerLL2912 Lundahl preview

31.12.2013 16:47 | 0 Comments

IEC power jacks for chassis mount in our product line now!

iec power jacks for chassi mount 10A fuse and switch

26.10.2013 11:58 | 0 Comments

Edcor GXSE5-600-5K in new smart boxes.  Now in Stock:

GXSE5-600-5K Edcor new boxes

Edcor GXSE5-600-5k

30.08.2013 11:23 | 0 Comments

Mixing and mastering studio monitor headphones - New in stock. The ATH-M50 Audio-Technica points in sound and comfort...

14.08.2013 14:55 | 0 Comments
We are happy to present the long awaited Marconi-Style knobs with set screw and steel inlay. Also as option for saving money you will find a...
25.03.2013 12:46 | 0 Comments

Here are some pics of a non commercial custom project we made for the very good sounding dual LA2A DIY project...

08.12.2012 18:39 | 0 Comments
Mono Cube is our brand new full aluminum case for amp modules like Hypex. It is also vented to fit the Class-D cooling requirements. It can...
24.11.2012 12:28 | 0 Comments

Lundahl LL1527 in stock now!

04.08.2012 22:35 | 0 Comments

Brand new - Edcor transformer in stock now!

Edcor CXSE25-8-5K product photoEdcor MX1cs

01.06.2012 22:46 | 0 Comments

Lundahl 1540 in stock now!

ll1540 - lundahl 1540 transformer bild

Check out our Lundahl Transformers stock!

* All prices are final prices in EUR including the 19% valid value added tax/VAT.
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