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How to assemble a DA-EF Inductor on G-Pultec with Inductor-Board

23.03.2014 10:11

DA-EF Inductor mounted on the G-Pultec Filter PCB with the DA-EF Inductor board:

g-pultec inductor pcb board

da-ef inductor board for g-pultec


Put the DA-EF inductor board onto the back of the G-Pultec filter board. Place it on the right side and keep a distance of around 3-5mm to the right end of the filter pcb and mark with a pen the points to drill trough in the next step.

da-ef inductor board

Check the marks, they should have generous space to the printed circuit board tracks, like you can see on the following pic.

g-pultec filter board marks

Drill trough your marks with a 3mm gear.

g-pultec filter pcb - inductor board assembling

g-pultec filter board mod

I recommend to use those wire to pcb connectors but you can also solder the wire direct to the pcb.

da-ef inductor board assembling

soldering the pcb connector

da-ef inductor board soldering

da-ef inductor board

Now attach the G-Pultec Indcutor onto the inductor boad. If one pin should not fit, just use a small stick or screwdriver to bend it carefully into the hole.

da-ef inductor board with g-pultec-inductor

da-ef inductor board assembling


da-ef inductor board with g-pultec inductor

Cut the connector wire to 60cm

pcb connector cut for g-pultec inductor board

pre-solder the wires

soldering wire

... and connect them to the G-Pultec filter board.

attached da-ef inductor board

finish :)

da-ef inductor board on g-pultec


Go here to the Inductor board.
Also check out the G-Pultec Filter board kit


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  1. Tomas 2016-02-13 21:42:59
    Hallo Ich mochte fur mein Pultec projekt Classi PEQ oder G-Pultec Enhanced Inductor benutzen. Meine frage wo ich soll pin 6 konekten? https://www.don-audio.com/DA-EF-Inductor-Board-mounting-pcb Dankeschon fur Antwort Grusse Tomas

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