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Frequently asked questions


Shipping costs

Shipping costs depend on weight, size of your package and the destination country.
To estimate the exact shippin costs, please:

1. fill your basket with the producst you like to buy
2. then go to the shipping calculator
3. Type your country, zip code and press the button "estimate"



Delivery time

international shipping takes 5-8 days. If it takes longer than 14 days often a delay because of customs can be the cause if your destination country is not in the EU.



Track your shippment

Insured packages and letters have a tracking number which can be tracked on our shipping partners website www.dhl.de
or www.deutsche-post.de. Most often the international tracking information ends in Germany with the information "The package was delivered to the destination country, please use your local shipping company to track the package" which means the package will arrive soon and was hand over to your local shipping company. If your local shipping company support tracking, use your tracking code on the partners website.

More detailed informations can be found on our site: Shipping.




Return and refund

If you are not happy with our products, you can ship it back within 14 days in the same condition.
Please mind, we can only accept goods which are not used without signs/marks of use, scratches or other value decreasing issues.
We recommend to be very carefully with the goods for testing and checking to avoid pollution, dirt or other signs of use.
The shipping costs within international purchases need to be payed by the customer. After receiving the returned goods and checking for issues the refund will be credited. Please contact us.

The refund will be credited as soon the returned goods did arrive as expected.
For more detailed informations, please read our withdrawal, fill out the withdrawal form and sent it to us via e-mail or fax.

For returns outside Europe it´s important to declare the package as "RETURN" and 0 (zero) invoice value. A wrong declaration will cause the package will go back to the shipper.



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  • Bank transfer
  • Paypal


Product related questions:


Comparison: Edcor WSM and XSM Series

A WSM has a maximum of 15VRMS input, a XSM has a maximum of 50 VRMS input, otherwise they have the same performance. 
WSM and XSM are not gapped for DC.


Too much power issue with the G-Pultec Mono project

If you get to much power or to less from the power trafo it can have several reasons.
The trafo secondary value for example 220v/0,1A has a Uo Value of 248V which means without load. If you have tolerances measured without load it can be caused by under-/overrated mains or tolerances by the measuring tool. The trafos perform 220v on a load of 0,1A. If you have too much voltages you can regulate the voltage with resistors which are able to take this much current.
Less load means the voltages goes a little bit up and more voltage will destroy the transformator. It will get hot, melt and short.
Some people have this "too much voltage" issue with the g-pultec project. If you build a mono-project please swap the 3k3 resistor to an 18k 10w resistor come down to 250v on the tubestage.

* All prices are final prices in EUR including the valid value added tax/VAT.