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Elma Type 04 Rotary Switches Guide

06.07.2015 16:03

elma type 04 switches

Elma Type 04 switches are together with the 01 series swicthes the most used switches in the professional audio industry. The steel-shaft, 3um plated gold contacts, optional multiple wafers and the closed dust-shielding and several torque options make this switch very versatile for most projects when a quality switch is required. The type 04 switch is available as:
shorting versions which has a 15° indexing angle and max 24 steps that can be limited by a stop screw.
non-shorting versions which has a 30° indexing angle and max 12 steps that can be limited as-well.
Eyelets or as PCB version with pins

Setting the Stop Screw

Remove the stop screw with a slot-screw driver if you want to replace it. If you like to limit the positions you might need a second Elma Type 04 Stop Screw which can be pressed into an individual stop position hole.

Technical benefits of the Elma Type 04 Series:

  • Up to 24 Positions shorting
  • Multiple Wafers
  • Stainless Steel Shaft
  • Gold Plated Contacts 3um
  • From 1 x 24 to 6 x 3 poles/positions per wafer
  • Up to 8 Wafers
  • Shorting or Non-Shorting
  • Configurable end-stops by stop screws
  • 15° or 30° indexing angle
  • Soldering eyelets or pins for PCB
  • 25´000 switching cycles with up to 20Ncm
  • Very robust and versatile
  • Transparent enclosure prevents dust or dirt entry
  • Various options and customizations

Here you can shop all types of Elma Type 04 switches.
If you need a custom Type 04 solution, just give us a mail.

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