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23.05.2014 13:41

Find out how Elma Concentric Solutions improve your products.
Rotary attenuator switches for audiophile purpose - Imagine, If you like your clients selecting a frequency and the attenuation with only one single knob. This is possible with Elma concentric switches which are known for high-end quality and an excellent tactile feedback. Elma offers a huge range of concentric versions for the following switch types: Elma Type 01, Type 04, Type A4 Attenuator switch, Type A47 Attenuator high-end switch, Type 08

Another example - If you like to have a concentric encoder with three functions (two rotary concentric shafts with hollow shaft system and push- function) for selecting the frequency (or numeric control,...) and attenuation (or alphabetical,...) and push function with only one concentric knob - this is possible with Elma encoders like the Elma Type E37.

  • Make your products high efficient.
  • Using concentric switches to save space on the frontpanel - User friendly.
  • Up to three functions with one concentric knob (Elma E37 encoder).
  • High-End contact systems.

Improve your audio gear at the highest stage.

Elma concentric universe

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