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Elma rotary switch type 01

01.08.2014 12:47

The small but fine selection Elma switch type 01 is a special class because it offers in addition to its compact size, extremely good quality, safety and price level of performance.

The Elma switch 01 is characterized by a long life of up to 25,000 switching cycles and covered by a range of variations to cover a broad bandwidth. A torque of 2 Ncm, 4 Ncm or 6 Ncm and a good switching feel make the heart of every one blossom when snapping the steps tightly to the desired position.

Optional the Elma 01 switch can be supplied with a front panel sealing ring which fits the IP68 standard that makes this switch also suitable for outdoor use.
On many audio applications in the high-end world you can find the 01 selector switch because of the high quality, 3 micron gold-plated contacts, long life and the outstanding quality.

With three locking switching angles of 30 °, 36 ° or 60 °, you have virtually a lot of design possibilities, the execution and implementation of the switching angle of the front panel. So you can use larger switching angles to make the knob position better recognized, for example, two position settings such as for bypass / On / Off with 36 ° or 60 ° can be reasonable.

For all Type 01 Elma switches except for endless versions, the end stops can be freely configured with one addition small stop bolt you can order from us.

Axis diameter of 3.4 or 6 mm, a hollow dual-shaft, concentric shaft and security version is possible. The concentric version of either switch can be configured with a normal concentric two switching function on the second wafer, or a switching function with an encoder function to the second wafer.

As a special design of the switch 01, there is the possibility of a safety function "Pull to Turn" which you can operate the switch only if you first pull the shaft. This function is called "Pull to Turn".

On the following picture you can see the possible optional adjustments:

Elma Type 01 Rotary Switches Special

From left to right: 1. Concentric dual-shaft version 2. hollow shaft 3. safety function "Pull to Turn" type 01

All standard types of Elma switches can be found in our Elma rotary switch product range. Custom designs and customized versions of the 01 rotary switch we will be happy as Elma specialist Händlere on request. Contact us.

Author: Don

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