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19 Inch Rack Steel-Case 2RU "RoFF"

25.02.2014 18:22

The best case for your G-Pultec DIY Audio Project or other Mono channel projects which fit in a 17cm deph steel-case. 1,2mm solid steel and black powder coating makes this case last forever. It can handle heavy projects without bending out because of the thick steel sheets. The case itself has a weight of 2,5 KG / 5.51 lbs. Once you already have worked with steel you know how hard it is to cut the xlr and iec cut-outs into the back of the case. So we supply RoFF which already is prefabricated with two XLR and one IEC cut-out, for the standard IEC iec power jack with clip for chassis mount. One other feauture is the vented top on two sides which makes the case RoFF with these measures a perfect G-Pultec case.

G-Pultec Case 19Inch 2RU

G-Pultec 19inch case DIY Audio vented steelcase

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