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Matching Transformer - Passive DI Circuit with Attenuator

15.11.2014 21:48

In many quality Audio-Circuits you can find audio transformers. The use of an audio transformer for example a Edcor 10K/10K transformer in a symmetric or oder asymmetrical circuit is very simple and does something special with the sound. The 10K/10K transformer is a often used model for passive projects that has three pins on each side which transform the signal plus, minus and mass/center tap. You can also use an Attenuator in this passive chain. The Attenuator is commonly placed before the transformer in the audio path.

Input impedance of the source instrument must not be matched if the input impedance is lower than the input-impedance of the transformer. Generally you can say, the lower the source impedance and the higher the Loading-Input impedance of the transformer, the better. Example: If you have a 10k Source and a 600 Ohms load (at the Transformer input) you will recognize a quality loss because the signal voltage will break down because of the 10K to 600 Ohms.  But if you have a 600 Ohms source, the 10K load will be just perfect.


Übertrager im passiven Schaltplan Edcor 10K/10K matching


Here you can find the Edcor 10K/10K Transformer

A recommended Attenuator Elma A47 Schalter with 47 Positions or an Elma Typ 04 rotary switch with 24 positions and two wafers.

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