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How to Motorize an Elma Audio Relay Attenuator

05.12.2015 23:39


In this post we will explain how to motorize an Elma Audio Relay Attenuator with a regular motor-poti.

Once or before you own the Elma Relay attenuator you might wish to have full loudness and mute control by IR Remote for example Apple remote. The Elma Relay Attenuator can do this easily! It comes with all necessary ports and can be expand by a LED display module, an IR receiver for IR remote control and motorized potentiometer as-well. Everything completely separated from the audio path of course to assure audiophile qualities. The Relay attenuator allows you to have up to 64 attenuation positions which can be adjusted by hand and remote once you use the motor poti. In our following configuration diagram we show how to wire up the motor-poti. You can use any motorized potentiometer – We used for the demonstration-video a Bourns 10K motor-poti with the article number: PRM162-EL which has a good price tag and works well together with the Attenuator board. On the diagram is also shown the wiring of the Display module and DC power supply. Good success and happy DIYing!


Elma Relatt Attenuator switch wiring


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