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New Lundahl Transformer Models in Stock Now

30.01.2015 20:00
One of the finest Lundahl Transformer Models in Stock now:

- LL1572 Isolation Transformer
- LL2913 Microphone Transformer
- LL1674 Mic/ Line Amorphous Core Transformer
- LL1681 MC Moving Coil High-End Transformer

The LL1572 is a pulse transformer designed for digital audio suitable for drive and reception of a balanced line, with both sources and receive impedances of either 75 or 110 ohms. The Lundahl LL2913 is a microphone transformer which stands for a very nice warm sound. It is identical to the Lundahl LL2911 transformer with the yellow design. It is often used to replace standard transformers with similar specifications to improve the sound of the microphone. LL1674 is an Amorphous Core transformer in a compact size and it is a popular series because of outstanding audio performance and a good price as well.The Lundahl LL1681 is a High-End MC transformer for Moving Coil Phono applications.

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