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New RM Inductor Models available now

07.10.2014 12:09

Our new RM Inductor line "NV" replaces the following original Neve vintage inductors (Click onto the Neve-Models to find the equivalent RM "NV" Inductor):

T1230 Inductor - 2H, 1.2H, 700mH
T1280 Inductor - 200mH, 160mH, 100mH, 80mH, 50mH
T1295 Inductor - 10H, 7H, 3H, 1.5H
T1530 Inductor - 2H, 1.1H, 450mH

We improved the winding process of the NV audio inductors to get excellent values with less than 1% tolerance! Together with the RM mounting board "Surfboard" you can connect and mount the inductor easily - we recommend to use 90° gold pins for a wireless connection.


T1295 Inductor replacement NV1095

NV1095 equivalent to T1295 Neve inductor

Neve inductor Surfboard



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