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Passive Switching-Box with Elma Type 04 switch (unbalanced)

10.12.2014 16:19
A simple and effective passive Switching-Box is assembled quickly with the high quality Elma type 04 switches that are popular in the professional studio and high-end area since many years. I recommend the following configuration and would like to briefly explain the details . This is a passive switcher / splitter for unbalanced signals such as from RCA / phono plugs. For unbalanced signals, it is optimal to connect the plug sockets (and negative signal) directly to the mass. For ground/mass you should use thicker cables than for the signal lines. Blank copper or silver coated wire has proven itself for the mass/ground connection. On the skizzy the mass (referred as Grnd) "Ground / black" connects the complete row of the left plug ground connectors. Another copper wire connects the complete mass row of the right channels. For signal cables I recommend a cable with shielding, eg Copper - silver cable for high-end applications with shielding screen. The shield is connected to the ground only at the input joint / but not with the switch. Cut the shield-wire approximately 1 cm before the switch to avoid a ground loop. The connection diagram with the 04-1264 Elma switches is shown on the drawing with only 4 inputs but up to 6 inputs are possible with this switch. In a symmetrical structure, you can either use a 4 pole Elma switch with 3 positions or if more positions (switching inputs) are required you may obtain an Elma switch with multiple levels from us. If you have any questions, contact us.
Umschalter Box DIY Elma High-End zeichnung skizze

Author: Don

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  1. Iswar 2016-05-03 19:56:01
    Hi If i use an Elma 04-1344, 3 poles 4 position. How the connection diagram will look like. THANKS

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