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Resistor Assembling Schemes for Attenuator Switches

25.10.2018 10:58

Series Type Stepped Attenuator Scheme:

  • Easy scheme, fast to assemble
  • Acts like a potentiometer, easy to use
  • No "Pops" or "Clicks" when switching
  • Fewer parts, low costs


Resistors in Series for Attenuator Switches Scheme


Shunt Type Attenuator:

  • Only two resistors total in the signal chain 
  • Easy to build
  • Lower costs than for example a ladder type attenuator
  • One constant input to output resistor
  • Similar behaving like a ladder attenuator but fewer parts


Shunt Attenuator Switch Scheme



Simple Impedance selector switch:

  • Just one resistor for each position
  • Easy to build
  • Not recommended for passive attenuation because of low impedances
  • can be used as impedance-changer or regulator for OPA, pad or other devices which accept a fix impedance.


Simple Impedance Selector switch Scheme


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  1. Roger 2018-10-26 10:45:56
    Great guide, helped a lot to DIY my attenuators! Thanks a lot for these drawings! Roger

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