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Marconi-Style knobs with brass set screw available now

14.08.2013 14:55

We are happy to present the long awaited Marconi-Style knobs with set screw and steel inlay. Also as option for saving money you will find a DIY kit for having the same solid mounting solution with set screw with our standard Marconi-Style knobs which bear up against hard going professional switches like Elma, Greyhill... You can install up to four screws :-) Or save time and get the knobs with pre-installed inlays and set screws. Nice vintage Marconi knob look and the perfect match for thedonclassics NV73 project or other switches and potentiometer with short shafts. If you use the standard Marconi-Style knob and the screw DIY kit you can adjust the height of the screw for your need yourself.

marconi knob set screw

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