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New Audio Toroidal Trafo models available!

09.10.2014 11:30

A brand-new, high-quality toroidal audio transformer with a lot of improvements and great features for audio applications. Experience, know-how of winding toroidal power transformers for audio gear and an ongoing effort to improve the winding technology - together with Roydo Transformers Germany, we worked out a new high-end transformer model line. The new audio toroidal trafo models are CE and UL certificated, have a special soft winding and an in-build trafo shielding sheet developed by Don-Audio that improves performance and prevents for hum. Customized toroidal transformers even in small quantities are possible, just contact us. Following benefits do our new audio toroidal models offer:

  • Optimized winding technology to prevent micro-vibration and hum
  • Extra secure rubber base Isolation with silicon layer
  • Soft construction, Epoxy filled
  • Integrated DA trafo shielding sheet
  • Separated Primary wires
  • Silver-solder lacings
  • Fresh wire color coding colors
  • Made in Germany

new quality audio toroidal transformer models

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Application: Studio Gear, High-End Audio and applications where low-hum is relevant.




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