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About us

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Èl Don Chulio Iglesias was born on a farm in south Espania. He loved watching his mother milking cows and ever liked riding the strongest bulls. He drinks tea in the morning and coffee in the late evening. When he came from Espania to Germany he was just eight years old. From a farm to the Studio of his father he never seen before. He just had knowledge about controlling a tractor and he did not like the studio computer anyway. To lot thinking killed all his creativity. He leaned back and saw a decent analog machine with big knobs. As he touched and heared that gear he feld love in the easy handling and such great sounding results. His predestination was born at this moment he touched a Pultec Eq. He became to an outstanding studio-guy with the clear intention "Keeping up that simplicity in studios". He never touched a Plugin again.

Èl Don Chulio Iglesias has some great part-offers. Maybe you are going to build your own gear or just searching for replacement or reparation parts for your beautiful gear. Have fun and "Keep up the simplicity in your studio".


Èl Don Chulio Igleasias"

* All prices are final prices in EUR including the 19% valid value added tax/VAT.