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About us

Josef Hannappel

We are a family establishment with more than 100 years history in the audio scene. 1907 in Duisburg Germany Dons grandfather Josef Hannappel was an approved instrument maker. He handcrafted Violins, Guitars, Ukuleles, Cellos and all components for these instruments. When Don was a child, he had access to several finished pieces and a box full of small nice components like violin bridges, guitar necks and knobs as well. With technical and musical blood Don started being interested in the engineering process and electro-technical components.

Together with a selected range of manufacturers Don (Robert Hannappel) became a professional contact for audio engineers and companies who have needs in audio components. In a close collaboration with the manufacture Don was involved in engineering processes, improved and designed new components. Nowaday Don-Audio is a small-scale leading components supplier and manufacturer who connects projects uncompromising with your project for best results. We are proud to work together with our clients and brands since many years with a very high acceptance and love to the same thing. Music.

We love to supply for you standard and individual components. We love to stock for you.

Logistic has ever play role in our family and the Don-Audio warehouse is specialized on electronic components to pack & ship secure, high efficient and economy friendly. For stocked ware we always try to ship within the same day as long the order was recorded before 16:00 o clock, german time. All DHL packages are branded with the go-green program which means we ship the package CO2 friendly. We are high motivated being your partner for supplying components for your projects!
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* All prices are final prices in EUR including the valid value added tax/VAT.