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Clients say


"sounds awesome. got it."
Michael D. (custom inductors)

"I received it yesterday, and my pultec sounds golden :D"
Ruben H. (G-Pultec trafo and ll5402)

"I bought the Red Marconi knobs a while back and im really satisfied"
Christofer S. (Red 1078 style knobs)

"the G-Pultec panel is awesome looking, and I love the sound of the unit I finished :)"
Joel K. (custom g-pultec frontpanel)

"The panel looks great! Thanks"
Matt  (knobs and custom frontpanel)

"The parcel has arrived! I am so happy! Thanks very much."
J. D. (knobs and trafos)

"Front panel arrived today - looks great!!!!"
Andy H. (Dual LA2A frintpanel)


"I'm very satisfied with your handmade inductor,very nice build, congrats!"
Bruno (Custom Inductors)


"I received the inductor today and I am very pleased with it!
Much better than the Toko inductors which I used as a test. It has indeed a sound of it's own. Great!"

Hans (Custom Inductors)

"The PEQ is amazing and i totally hear the love in detail and time into the PEQ"
Sagi (Classi.Audio PEQ Equalizer)


* All prices are final prices in EUR including the valid value added tax/VAT.