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History of our Turning-Knob - Selection

black knobs, skirted knobs for collins radios

Collins 51J-4

is a general coverage communications receiver
covering 550 kHz to 30.5 MHz in AM,
CW and MCW modes.

Collins 51J-4 Knobs - Selection: nosed pointer knob, black dakaware knob-1, black Daka-Ware knob-2
Collins 75A-3

is a high quality amateur band
receiver covering the frequency ranges of:
1.5-2.5, 3.2-4.2, 6.8-7.8, 14-15,
20.8-21.8, 26-28 and 28-30 MHz.
Modes of reception include:
CW, MCW, and AM phone.

Collins 75A-3 Knobs - Selection: nosed pointer knob, black dakaware knob-1, black dakaware knob-2

black knob, skirted, plastik knobs collins knobs radios

knobs pultec, knobs+eqp1a - pultec picture

pultec eqp-1a knobs, parts, pultec eqp1a, pultec meq, frontpanel, faceplate

Pultec EQP-1 / EQP-1A

Pultec founders Gene Shenk and
Ollie Summerland unveiled the first passive
program EQ in 1951. Black Daka-Ware knobs are used for the Boost/Atten Pultec Knobs. The On/Off knob is a small pointer knob we have in our collection too. The Triad HS 56 input trafo and the Triad HS-54 for the output are very rare and hard to get. Most people like to use Lundahl 5402 or Edcor XS1100 instead to replace those or for building similar passive circuit designs, for example the g-pultec or other highend diy equalizer.

Pultec EQP-1a (legendary) Knobs - Selection: black nosed pointer knob, black dakaware Boost/Atten knob, black Frequency Knob


sontec mastering equalizer mes-432g

Sontec MES-432g with two different collet knobs 36mm and 28mm with red arrow. These Knobs are from the collection "Ribo" by Classi research Germany.
Sontec Mastering Equalizer / MES-432g

One of the most impressive Mastering Equalizers is the Sontec Master EQ MES-432g. The sound and look is awesome and these Sontec knobs play an important part for the look and feel. You can find the Classi collet knobs in our knob product from now.

Sontec Knobs: Sontec frequency knob 39mm, Sontec boost and bandwidth knob 28mm
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