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Elma Rotary switch Type 04

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  • ELTYPE04
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Very robust and versatile 24 Position Multi Wafer Selector Switch.

Very robust and versatile Selector Switch up to 24 Positions.

Elma Type 04 switches are a configurable general purpose audio switches with changeable start and an end stop pin and endless turning versions as well. We have also stop pins available if you only like to have 11 or less positions within a 15° or 30° switching angle, you can set the stop pin wherever you like to have the end stop for this switch set to the position you like to make the switch stop.

  • Up to 24 Positions multi wafer selector switch
  • Very robust and versatile
  • 25,000 switching cycles with up to 20.0 Ncm switching torque
  • Torque: 1,5Ncm, 8Ncm (standard), 15Ncm, 20Ncm
  • Gold plated contacts: 3 micron
  • Robust metal housing with metal shaft
  • Optional IP68 front panel sealing
  • Operating temperature range: -40 to +85°C
  • Various options and customization
  • Switchingmode: 15° Indexing angle for shorting versions and 30° for non-shorting versions.
  • 6mm shaft

Elma 04 Switch Angles

This rotary switch is also available as concentric version. Please get in contact with us - we will make an offer for you for the concentric version.


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The most useful review
  1. Average Rating: 5/55 R. S. Wrote at 15.09.2019
    1 from 1 Customers found the following product review helpful:
    Excellent quality, and fast Delivery
    I was looking for a high quality switch to build a RCA switch. This Elma switch doesnt disappoint I hardly recommend anyone who needs a high quality switch for audio to try this switch.

    As this was my first purchase at Dons Audio the switch was very well packaged and send at the same day.
    So excellent service on there part and I will be a returning customer for sure.
More product reviews
  1. Average Rating: 5/55 Geoffrey W. Wrote at 18.11.2022
    Elma 16x3 switch
    I needed a way to switch my custom Sowter output transformers, which have 4 identical secondaries. Switching 16 leads total was proving to be a hard problem to solve without one of these.

    Built well, easy to take the 4 levels apart to solder, very solid clunk when you rotate it. The one thing Id remark is: be careful when soldering them off the main axle as it is really easy to rotate the discs between steps, and its a right pain in the rear to fix that.
  2. Average Rating: 5/55 John L. Wrote at 23.12.2019
    Great!!!! The best!
    Excellent service to Seattle WA!!!
    Great Pro audio parts store!
  3. Average Rating: 5/55 Michael O. Wrote at 09.10.2019
    Nice store
    I am happy to have found this store. This is the only suitable place where an Elma switch with PCB pins is available. Great service, well packaged, shipped quickly.
    However, the very expensive shipping cost is disappointing. This is an unpleasant disadvantage.
    Thank you.
  4. Average Rating: 5/55 Jussi A. Wrote at 06.09.2019
    Excellent product
    High quality, high performance product for high end applications. Highly recommended!
  5. Average Rating: 5/55 Arno P. Wrote at 05.07.2019
    Great robust switch High Grade!
    MIL spec level and the optional set-pin for fixing the position worked like a charm and is reversible (instead of trying to pull out the original pin and putting it in the new position).

    My request of asap delivery was answered and I had the switch in-house in a couple of days.
  6. Average Rating: 5/55 Laszlo S. Wrote at 18.03.2019
    highly recommended
    premium grade switch, fast delivery, good communication
  7. Average Rating: 5/55 Kimiko I. Wrote at 24.03.2018
    Super quick transaction, like a domestic delivery!!
  8. Average Rating: 5/55 Michael C. Wrote at 13.01.2018
    Very strong material, best switches in the market. I used it for my fripholms TG1 project
  9. Average Rating: 5/55 Aliro V. Wrote at 15.05.2017
    Switch phono
    I bought this product to build a selector to switch between three tonearms. My pre-amplifier phono having only one one input I was moving often the modulation cables to do the switch.
    There are commercial boxes but those are designed for line-level signals not for low level signals (MC cartridges). Furthermore, those boxes do not implement the mass connector.
    The ELMA 04-1434 allows to have 3 inputs and one output while switching the hot and mass conductors for each tonearm.
    The mass connector must be implemented in the DIY box.

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