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TAKMAN Audio Grade Metal Film Resistor REY 1/2W

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Type: REY50
Wattage: 0,5W, 1/2W
Max Voltage: 350V
Max. Overloard Voltage: 700V
Dielectric Withstand Voltage: 500V
Tolerance: 1%
Our REY metal film resistor for audio equipment has the features that it consists of resistor thin film made mainly of Ni-Cr-Al materials, brass caps and non-oxygen copper wire. High-precision is realized with laser trimming and high stability and high sound quality are achieved with most proper coating. This resistor is usable for any audio components.
  • Short time overload ±(0.5%+0.05?)
  • Dielectric withstand
  • voltage ±(0.5%+0.05?)
  • Insulation resistance Over 1000M?
  • Terminal strength ±(0.25%+0.05?)
  • Moisture load life ±(1%+0.05?)
  • Load life at 70? ±(1%+0.05?)
  • Temperature cycling ±(0.5%+0.05?)
  • Effect of soldering ±(0.5%+0.05?)
  • Vibration resistance ±(0.5%+0.05?)
  • Low temperature
  • operation ±(0.5%+0.05?)
  • Current noise Max 0.3µV/V
  • Solderability Over 95%
  • Resistance to solvent No evidence of
  • mechanical damage

TAKMAN - ?REX? Audio Grade Carbon Film Resistor ?REY? Audio Grade Metal Film Resistor The electric current laden with sound signals through resistors is influenced by the various structures and composing materials of the resistors in various aspects. They are magnetic, inductive, electrified and caused by contact resistance and vibration. These appear as incidental noises in reproduced sound making the sound center flat and spread and these are heard as clouded sound which is usually expressed as coloring. The reproduced sound with such incidental metallic-colored noises often strike your ear apparently as brilliant but if you listen carefully, you will come to realize that the sound is vague in its contours and lacking in stereoscopical effect, not faithful to the original sound. It is not too much to say that the very requisite to gain clear and solid sound lies in getting rid of these unnecessary incidental noises. We embarked on the development of our resistors exclusively for audio applications back in 1997. We collected a lot of resistors which were reputed to be good for audio equipment and listened to them thoroughly and repeatedly. As a result, we could not succeed in obtaining natural sound with no incidental noises from any of these but also found that some of them worked to deteriorate the sound quality. We set up the theme that we should aim at getting sounds as near as those of nature and thoroughly examined the materials and structures that composed resistors and also researched the relations among electromagnetic field, electrostatic induction and signals themselves for several years and finally the relations among them could be clarified. These studies led us to the development of our 1st released audio grade resistor ?maestro? (patented in USA and Japan), predecessor of the REX and REY. We, however, found that we merely sought high quality sound neglecting the fact that the structure had not been suited for mass production. Then, drawing on the above technology, we have succeeded in developing axial-lead resistors suitable for mass production while maintaining the sound quality of ?maestro?. They are Audio Grade Resistors ?REX? (carbon film) and ?REY? (metal film). Most of resistors marketed for audio equipment are focused on the quality of their caps and lead wires. We discovered that there were other factors largely affecting reproduced sound and based on these, we have taken every possible measure which remarkably differentiates our products from those of other competitors. We sought for pure and natural sound to the bitter end with our eternal theme ?Don?t add any colors and incidental noises to reproduced sound without decreasing the amount of the original sound data on the disk?. We have no doubt that our Audio Grade Resistors ?REX? and ?REY? completed by making the best of our know-how and sophisticated technology of a resistor-specialized manufacturer will not betray your expectations and will be the best choice for your audio equipment or circuits seeking for unlimited high-quality sound.


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