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TTPC Matcher Series Audio Transformer

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As we began to produce more and more line and impedance matching transformers, we were challenged with a stereo DSS music channel satellite system (600 Ohms) to stereo amplifier system (10K Ohms) for a large food chain. But 'Keep It Simple Stupid' (KISS). Keep it inexpensive and keep the sound top quality. We must maintain stereo and that would require two transformers with color-coded leads. That is too complicated and expensive to install. A small, easy to mount, printed circuit board with two transformers in a box with phono type connectors was proposed and quickly approved and delivered. The part number was S2S600/10K. As time passed, several other applications were proposed using the PCB and two custom matching transformers without the box. Orders were received and delivery was quick. A new, more versatile circuit board was designed that would allow for resistors and capacitors to be added with the transformers offering a perfect match, extended frequency response, roll off and etc. This marked the beginning of a dual transformer product line, easy to use, easy to mount and at the right price.

Several standard products are as follows with customs as easy, as quick and as cost effective as apple pie.

600 ohms to 10K ohms dual balanced with center tap or unbalanced.
10K ohms to 10Kohms dual balanced with center tap or unbalanced.
600 ohms to 600 ohms dual balanced with center tap or unbalanced.
10K ohms to 150 ohms dual balanced with center tap or unbalanced.

Broadcast Quality Sound
These audio matchers use high quality low noise components to deliver broadcast and recording quality sound.

Continuous Use Design
Each unit is designed to operate continuously.

Duel Balanced or Unbalanced Input
These are balanced or unbalanced inputs. The connectors are 3 pin screw Eurostyle connector.

Duel Balanced or Unbalanced Output
These are balanced or unbalanced outputs. The connectors are 3 pin screw Eurostyle connector.

Magnet Wire
All units are wound with the finest virgin copper magnet wire. All windings use heavy insulated wire to provide excellent manufacturing yield, lower customer cost and superior life.

The Core
EDCOR uses the finest M6 line grain oriented steel cores. Each unit is hand stacked to assure at least 92% stack.

The Bobbin
EDCOR's royal blue bobbin with black finishing tape.

Surface Mounting
The unit is designed for surface mounting with the use of four screws or with double back tape (not provided).

Wattage 0.5W
Input Maximum Voltage 5Vrms
Primary (input) Impedance Depends on model.
Secondary (output) Impedance Depends on model.
Frequency Response 20~20K Hz., <1dBu
THD+Noise <0.05% @ 1K Hz.
Bobbin Material Nylon 6/6 GF-30
Flamability Rating Class B 130°C
Core Material M-6 29 ga. grain oriented lamination steel
Secondary Insulation (transformer) Clear air dry polyester varnish
Termination Eurostyle connector
Printed Circuit Board Material FR-4
Mounting Surface Mounted
Weight 0.4 lbs.
Compliance RoHS & REACH


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