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Trafo shielding sheet

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Scale price:
  • from 3 pcs: 15,47 €*
  • from 30 pcs: 14,55 €*
  • from 100 pcs: 12,73 €*
  • from 200 pcs: 11,82 €*
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Trafo shield for toroidal trafos: 35cm x 4cm

Our electro sheet is for use with toroidal trafos. It consists of two grain-oriented-steel layers that effects

double shielding around the toroid and 6-times shielding on the overlapping to eleminate horizontal radiation hum and noise of toroidal trafos.

The shielding sheet is placed around the toroidal transformer and the overlapping of the sheet is placed perfectly to the cable outbreak of the transformer. The shielding sheet can be fixed with a fixation tape, adhesive tape or rubber.

Commonly used to match highend stereo audio-gear that has different noise levels on left and right channel cause of trafo noise, hum. If the channel next to the toroidal trafo has a worser noise floor than the channel with greater distance to the trafo, this is an indicator for electro magnetic fields around the toroidaltransformer. In this case use the trafo shielding sheet, wrap it around your toroid-trafo to solve the electro magnetic radiation problem completely.


  • Size: 35cm x 4cm



  • two layer "grain-oriented steel with 3% silizium" - "DIN46400"



  • trafo shielding


For more information (google translated - Please read the german description for original):

The effect of the electric shielding is not only cause the chemical composition, in particular its own special grain structure. In contrast to conventional steel, which consists of a chaotic arrangement of tiny crystals adhering to each other, the grains of the electro sheets are actually extremely large and also regarding orientation of their crystal axes aligned uniformly.

This equal grain orientation that matters, because the magnetisation of the material can be influenced.Cause its structure the material contracts to the de-magnetisation process very less resistance, in alternating 50 times a second, than conventional steels. Mu-metal has similar properties. This grain structure is achieved by a so-called thermo-mechanical treatment in the disturbed by a cold rolling process, the grain structure and a five to seven days a recrystallization heat treatment takes place.

How to install our sheets:
The trafo shielding sheet can be wrapped around the toroidal trafo. Fix it with a tape and take the overlapping part to the outgoing wires as descripted in the following PDF file. Fix it with a tape. For a detailled instruction take a look into the PDF.


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"My first dual g-pultec. The trafo shielding sheet improved the noise-floor to more than -94db. It is easy to install."

"If your stubborn like me and HAVE to fit your transformer in tight, this product can save the day. "

"My First \"Isolation \" !"

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  1. Average Rating: 5/55 Geoffrey W. Wrote at 18.11.2022
    Simple and cheap fix
    After finishing my second version of Bruce Hernans http://diyaudioprojects.com/Tubes/6DJ8-Tube-Headphone-Amp/ headphone amp I was left with some slight hum when using my ZMF Verités. I bought one of the normal sized sheets, covered it in Kapton tape and bent it to fit around the Edcor XPWR083A. I could actually hear the hum just go away by putting it over.

    Very much recommended if youre using a smaller open power transformer, even a non-toroidal one. Ill be definitely picking up a second one once I get around to re-working my previous build.
  2. Average Rating: 5/55 Pedro V. Wrote at 19.03.2021
    Efectively reduces hum on integrated amp
    Bought this to reduce transformer hum on a Rega Brio-R integrated amp. This equipement is housed in a half-width case, meaning the low distance between transformer and electronics caused a small but audioble hum on speakers when sitting close to the speakers (which I am when listing to headphones).
    The trafo shielding sheet was exact size for this amp and greatly reduced the hum - to the point where is no longer noticeble.
    Installation we very easy; make sure to follow the instruction and get very tight fit around the transformer and overlap the shielding sheet near the cable exit point for maximal effectiveness.
  3. Average Rating: 5/55 Ari R. Wrote at 28.09.2019
    Hum stopper
    This sheet works very well.
  4. Average Rating: 5/55 Jan Š. Wrote at 20.10.2017
    Trafo shielding sheet used in preamps
    Hi All,
    I built 12 microphone pre-amps in one 3u rack together with quite big transformer and I found hum on the last channel. This channel is 5cm away from the transformer and I tried to shield it by thick Iron. Hum was still there. My last chance was this trafo shielding sheet before to make separate power supply box. Installation was very easy. Turn it up and Yippee! HUM is gone. I did not believe it much, but now I can only recommend it.
  5. Average Rating: 5/55 Fernand G. Wrote at 08.03.2017
    Very good product for shielding stray filed of toroidal transformer
    The product works really as advertised ! It is very efficient in shielding the stray magnetic field of toroidal transformers.
    I had a weak hum at the output of a tube headphone amp due to the stray field of the toroid power transformer coupling into the output transformers. Installing the trafo shielding sheet around the toroidal power transformer solved this problem completely.
  6. Average Rating: 5/55 Brian C. Wrote at 23.06.2016
    Excellent Product
    Installed around my 90mm diameter Torroid transformer in my electronic crossover. Measured 80% reduction in EMF from both the top and sides. Should do the job.
    Tried on another amp with more modest results because wires got in the way of slipping it on more that 75%. Probably would work if I had cut a recess to make better fit. Will order another one and give that a try :-)
  7. Average Rating: 5/55 Laurent C. Wrote at 17.05.2016
    Great product
    I shielded my old Trace Elliot GP12SMX transformer with it and the hum that was bugging me for ages is now gone.
  8. Average Rating: 5/55 Simon L. Wrote at 27.08.2014
    Trafo Shielding Sheet XL
    Effective to shield out the magnetic field around the transformer.
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