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Edcor PM-101 Pete Millett Jonokuchi Headphone Speaker Transformer bundle, 16 Ohms

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Power and audio output transformers, 16 Ohms for Pete Millett's "Jonokuchi" Desktop headphone / speaker amp using 13EM7 tubes.
The "Jonokuchi" A desktop tube headphone amplifier design that can also drive small, efficient speakers (like computer speakers)using 13EM7 tubes designed by Pete Millett. For more information, schematics and circuit boards see Pete Millett's DIY Audio pages on the "Jonokuchi". Circuit boards for this project can be found on Pete Millett's ebay store. Power Transformer The XPWR168-120/240 power transformer was specially designed and built for this amplifier. It is a 120V or 240V, 50/60Hz. line to 275V (137.5-0-137.5) at 125mA and 13V (6.5-0-5) at 900mA center tapped. The Transformer also has an outer copper shield around the windings and core to help eliminate outside interference. Audio Output Transformers There are two GXSE10 singled ended output transformers. 10W, single ended tube output transformer for 8K Ohms to your choice of 4, 6, 8, or 16 Ohms. Magnet Wire All units are wound with the finest virgin copper magnet wire. All windings use heavy insulated wire to provide excellent manufacturing yield, lower customer cost and superior life. The Core EDCOR uses the finest M6 line grain oriented steel cores. Each unit is hand stacked to assure at least 92% stack. The Bobbin EDCOR's standard bobbin with black finishing tape. Termination The terminations are UL1015, 18 ga. lead wire for the XPWR168-120/240 and UL1015, 20 ga. lead wire for the GXSE10. Mounting This unit comes with steel end bells for mounting with the use of four screws. The end bells are powder coated Gentian Blue (RAL 5010) to add to your tube display and overall appearance.


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This product consists of

  1. Edcor GXSE10-16-8K
    Edcor GXSE10-16-8K
    94,01 €
    (79,00 € excl. vat)
    including VAT., plus shipping
  2. Power transformer, Sec.: 275V (137.5-0-137.5) @125mA...
    Power transformer, Sec.: 275V (137.5-0-137.5) @125mA center tapped, 13V (6.5-0-6.5) @900mA center tapped, shielded
    138,40 €
    (116,30 € excl. vat)
    including VAT., plus shipping
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