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Elma X4 Audio relay attenuator switch

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The X4-Audio switch is a high performance relay volume control attenuator with 24 or 64 positions that incorporates 6 relay driven ladder stages

The attenuation is ranging over 64 positions (the 64 positions standard version comes without indexing). The attenuation function can be controlled by the front panel rotary switch or by an IR remote unit. The included IR reciever can be mounted to the front panel and directly connected to the board by the user. When returning to selector switch operation after the attenuation level has been changed by IR remote, the volume will be automatically and smoothly readjusted to the current rotary switch position. The volume control is behaving dynamicly - if you turn the switch fast, the volume will change in larger db steps, if you turn the volum control slow, volume will change precise in single db steps. The contactless Hall-Effect Sensor rotary switch control provides enhanced system reliability and long operational life. Non-indexing, 1.5 or 4 Ncm switching torques are available as well as an optional pushbutton for mute function.

Bottom of the X4 Attenuator switch:

Elma relay attentuator x4

X4 Features

  • 64 (standard) switching positions, featuring contactless hall sensing technology
  • Smooth, precise switch feel
  • 6 relay attenuation stages using quality Panasonic latching relays
  • Low noise, high-precision thin film resistors
  • 10k, 20k, 50k, 100k ohms standard resistor values
  • With IR remote reciever
  • Stackable to up to 6 stereo modules (12 channels)
  • Dynamic volume controll
  • Mute button Function
  • No indexing (standard)
  • Customizing possible


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