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Sifam Vintage Type FR20 VU-Meter, illuminated

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Scale price:
  • from 10: 63,84 €*
  • from 20: 62,65 €*
  • from 50: 57,74 €*
* Price per unit
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Item no.
  • FR20-V-LUM


A dc millammeter offering a performance close to that of full specification PPM meters to IEC 268-10. The general meter build conforms to relevant parts of BS89, EN 60 051 and IEC 51. Comparison of full specification PPM meters and Fast Response Vintage range. The response curves below give a comparison of the full specification PPM meters with that of a typical FR 19R meter. A variation in over swing will occur from the nominal responses shown, as unlike the full specification PPM indicator where each meter is individually adjusted for ballistics, these fall within normal process parameters. In each case the FSD is 1mA. For the FR Vintage range the terminal resistance is 465O ±15% whereas for the PPM meter it is 600O ±5%. A low range ac voltmeter offering a performance close to that of a full specification vu meter. Suitable for connecting across a 600 ohm line and self contained except for requiring an external 3k6 resistor. Calibrated for use with a 3k6 ohm resistor 4vu above the scale marking so that the reference deflection (0vu) is produced by a signal 4vu above 1mW in 600ohms (1.228V).
  • Distinctive ?retro? styling with contemporary construction
  • AC and DC industrial ranges
  • Audio Level (vu scale) and Fast Response (PPM scale) ranges
  • Taut band core magnet movement incorporated as standard
  • Rugged movements for portable or fixed audio applications
  • Stronger suspension options for Industrial versions
  • No calibration effect when mounted on a ferrous panel
  • High performance at affordable price
  • Illuminated
  • Diameter: 46.3mm.
  • Height: 42.3mm.
  • Panel Cut-Out: 27mm diameter hole.
  • Diameter:56,6mm
  • Cutout: 55mm diameter hole


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